What do I do if I want to remove some copyrighted comments from your website?
Please note that we do not host copyrighted content on this site. Comments (text) contains only information shared by users who do not contain data that may be copyrighted in any way. However, I offer a service to remove comments from my website if the copyright owner requests the content. This removal request is only valid if:

  • You or your company is the copyright owner of the content in question.
  • You provide the exact URL for their comments.
  • You provide the full name of the content in question.
  • You are submitting a removal request using a verifiable email address (such as [email protected]/yourcompany.com).
  • Please keep your correspondence polite.

I delete the post as soon as possible, usually in 4 days. Remember that I can only handle removal requests that comply with the above rules.

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