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    The Right Lipstick Colors for Darker lips


    It’s very uncomfortable when we have darker lips. This is because we find it difficult to choose the right lipstick colors. Even though there are many brands available out there, some women still don’t know their favorite. According to this problem, you really need to find out what colors look good on your darker lips. No need to worry anymore because there will be several color choices that will make you look perfect.

    The Sweet Brown Nude

    Who doesn’t like nude colors? Whether it’s the most favored pink or the sweet brown, nude colors are always perfect. Well, this is the number one of lipstick colors for darker lips to try. There are many beauty products that offer brown nude lipstick colors. You might think it would create a pale look. But don’t judge easily, you can try it first and see what happens. If it looks good, add the item to your cart.

    The Mellow Mauve

    Besides brown nude, you also can try mauve color. For those who don’t get the idea of what is this color, it looks kind of pinkish purple. The mellow color of mauve will create a natural beauty of your lips. Not only that, but this will also make you look more feminine. No need to hesitate in using this color. There are some types that you can buy in the form of matte lipstick, creamy lipstick, or satin lipstick.

    The Fresh Fuchsia Pink

    The number three of lipstick colors is fuchsia pink. If previously we discuss “safe color”, now we move to the bolder choice. This is the right decision for those who are bored with earthy tones. Wear this fuchsia pink to create a different appearance. It will make you look fresh and not excessive.

    The Stunning Cherry Red

    What’s next can make your lips good is cherry red. You might agree if maroon is one of the best choices. But there are other references that can look good on your darker lips. Cherry red lipstick will give you a fresh as well as a stunning look. Not only perfect for your day but also night. You surely need to add this to your collection.

    The Dark Peach

    Last but not least, you still got one more option which is the dark peach. Who doesn’t like the fresh color of peach? But in fact, not all women like the bright color of peach, especially those who have darker lips. But wait, there is the dark peach option. For those who are not confident to wear peach lipstick, you must try the dark one. There are already famous brands that offer this kind of color as one of their best seller products.

    According to the options above, which one you want the most? Even though they look good for darker lips, but you should make it sure before purchasing. Don’t make the right decision because it will waste money in vain. Ask the shop keeper to make sure it fits on your lips. Good luck!