• Makeup Ideas

    The Plus Values of Wearing Makeup to Know

    Are you the type of woman who likes to wear makeup or not? For those who don’t, you may don’t understand yet the plus values of wearing makeup. As we know that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. You may only wear powder and lipstick or wearing eyebrows or mascara. But we can say that we can’t be separated from makeup. No wonder if there are many women who spend more money on makeup than on outfits.

    Protect Your Skin from the UV

    Skin problems such as freckles and dullness caused by several reasons, including sunlight. We really shouldn’t be ignorant about this. Although it is good in the morning, the sun’s heat will make your skin damaged. According to this issue, you should protect your skin from the Ultra Violet or UV. It becomes the number one of the values you can get in wearing makeup. Not only that, if you can maximize it by wearing skincare, but you can also prevent your skin from problems that will arise like oily and blackheads.

    Make Your Face Looks Brighter

    Besides protecting your skin from the UV, wearing makeup also can make your skin looks fairer. Even though not all women prefer fairer skin, but there are still many of them who follow the beauty standard. For those who want to have this type of skin, you can try to wear makeup. There are already brands that offer products according to your skin type. No need to buy products that are made from chemicals entirely because some use natural ingredients. Problems such as dull skin can be overcome if you use it regularly.

    Cover up the Deficiencies in Your Skin

    Manipulating the face becomes one of the plus values of wearing makeup. As we discussed in the previous point, Makeup makes our faces look better. Well, this can also manipulate your face. Deficiencies such as thin lips and dry skin of the face can be easily covered up by using makeup.

    Create Unique Look

    In line with the previous point, you can create a unique look at anything you want. There are already makeup artists who create very unique even scary such as the horror character in a movie. If you have a passion for drawing or painting, you can try to draw your face. Search for references whether it’s a movie or public figures that you want to apply on your face. But, be careful with the makeup materials since It uses for your face. In addition, use the best facial cleansing product so that there is no residual dirt attached.