How to Choose Skincare
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Tips on How to Choose Skincare Safely


You might be afraid of wearing a skincare product because of the chemical ingredients. Yeah, it’s normal because our skin is precious. We can’t be ignored when it comes to our health. Well, according to this issue, you need to know how to choose skincare safely. Even though it’s easy to find out any products through the internet, but you still need to be a smart buyer. Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid dangerous skincare products.

Identify which One is Suitable for Your Skin

What you should do first how to choose skincare safely is to identify the most suitable for your skin.  Before going to a drugstore, it’s better to analyze your own skin, is it dry, oily, or sensitive.  Of course, it’s helpful in finding the right product. If you know your skin type well, you will do not hesitate anymore. Just simply go to the store you want and ask for the recommendation from the shop keeper.

Reading the Ingredients is a Must

Reading the ingredients is a must when we talk about tips on how to choose skincare safely. This point will be a little more difficult because we have to know the key ingredients of a skincare that we buy. You should really pay attention to the ingredients list. Of course, this is not easy because we are not familiar with the chemical terms. But you can find out which are not good for your skin. Paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene, and BHA are some ingredients that you need to be aware of. According to this issue, it’s better for you to look for products that offer natural preservatives.

There are many companies lately that use natural preservatives such as vitamins and essential oils. This is because natural ingredients are very effective in warding off bacteria. Not only that, the use of natural ingredients is also in accordance with the theme that is often discussed, namely “back to nature”.

Know What Fragrances are Unnecessary

Now let’s move on to the synthetic fragrances you need to pay attention to. There are many skincare products that use synthetic fragrances that are certainly not good for health. You should know that the Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs linked to some ailments like cancer and allergic reaction. Well, if you use it continuously, this will have a negative impact on health. Because of this issue, you need to be wiser to choose skincare safely.

Apply Tester on Your Hands

The last way to get the right and safe skincare are to apply tester on your hands. For those who don’t find one, you can ask for recommendations. Even though they have their own business strategy, but they will suggest you the most suitable for your skin. So, you don’t need to be afraid to ask the shopkeeper. When she/he provides a product, you can apply tester on your hands first. But if you are still unsure, you can consult with an aesthetician. They will give you a sample of the product that she recommends to you.